Auto Chess  2.5.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Auto Chess 2.5.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

App Information of Auto Chess VNG

App Name Auto Chess VNG
Package Name com.vng.autochess
Version 1.5.0
Rating 6.0 ( 52978 )
Size 1.4 GB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-07-30
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Strategy

Description of Auto Chess VNG 100% working mod file for android

  • MOD ID: com.vng.autochess
  • Auto Chess VNG free download modded file


Auto Chess VNG – Infinite ways to play chess is the mobile strategy game that brought the most innovative and exciting experiences to the Auto Chess genre in 2019. This is the original game developed by Dragonest & Drodo Studio for the mobile platform, published officially and exclusively by VNG. ★GAMEPLAY★

The game is designed based on the familiar 8×8 chessboard, on which players arrange chess pieces with various skills to form the most compelling strategies. Each chess piece represents a different hero and fights automatically following the unique and fascinating strategy that the player has set out. Each piece has its own characteristics and fighting techniques, and when 3 pieces of the same type are collected, you can upgrade them into a higher-leveled piece with stronger power and skills.

By collecting and utilizing well each hero card and taking on the other 7 players to form a full-on battle, you win by being the last man standing.


1. Chessboard & chess pieces – Simulating a real chessboard, this is where the pieces are used to fight other players. The game will keep upgrading and adding content for endless excitement, and with each special chessboard, you can admire new and exciting combat visuals.

2. Units’ characteristics – Race/Class are the basic characteristics of each chess piece. Combining these creates special Synergy Buffs, the more of which are gathered, the better chance for victory.

3. Absolute balance – Everyone starts the same in each game, with the result depending on each player’s strategy and RNG luck. It is impossible to use items to affect any stats of the character or make the game unbalanced in any way.

4. In each round, you will be assigned different opponents with various line-ups, so winning against them all is the shortest route to victory. 5. Resources/money – The pieces’ quantity and quality make the difference, so you have to constantly consider rolling for the best possible chess piece with the current number of pieces. Pay attention to how you plan and spend the money obtained through buying/selling pieces, earning winning/losing streaks and accumulating interests.

6. Board level – The chance to roll each specific hero card and the number of deployed pieces are related to your level in each game, with level 10 having the best rolling chances and the most deployed pieces, so save up to level up!

7. Diverse emoticons – To express your emotions and communicate with other players, use the ultra-cool in-game emoticons.

8. The pieces fight automatically, so try to arrange their positions wisely to form the most suitable effects.

9. Compete with international friends – In this strategy game, you can get matched with like-minded friends from all over the world. Show what players in your country are made of!

10. Item combinations – Combine the items obtained through random drops or from other players. Understanding each item’s specifics, how to combine and which hero to equip on are the key to make a headway.

11. RNG chess – In Auto Chess VNG, good/bad luck may sometimes heavily affect the outcome of a game, but nevertheless, you can always count on your wisdom and strategy to change your fortune. Proactively considering changing the pieces to deploy/their positions on the chessboard/the buffs to utilize always positively affects the outcome. Or you can just be that lucky player who keeps waiting for and getting the desired hero.

Are you ready to become a chess sage or a blessed player?


* Requires a constant Internet connection

* Recommended specifications: 2GB of RAM or above

Supports over 500 Android devices, including: Galaxy Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ1, Google Pixel2, Galaxy Note5, Huawei Honor8, LG G5, Redmi 4A, HUAWEI…


Main site:

Email: [email protected]
New Version Update
[Version Topic]

– Summer Party

[Chess Return]
– Skull Hunter: Race: Cave Clan/ Class: Hunter

[New Chess]
– Sacred Lancer: Race: Galacier/ Class: Warrior
– Lava Shaman: Race: Cave Clan / Class Shaman

[Adjustment Race/ Class]
– Cave Clan: New Buff Effect (6)
– Shaman: New Buff Effect (4)

[Adjustment Item]
– Maelstorm
– Mjollnir

[Fix Bugs and Optimize]

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