我在大清當皇帝 (MOD Unlimited Money)

我在大清當皇帝 (MOD Unlimited Money)

App Information of 我在大清當皇帝

App Name 我在大清當皇帝
Package Name com.overseas.daqing1
Rating 6.0 ( 10359 )
Size 271.9 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2020-05-12
Installs 500,000+
Category Games, Strategy
Developer ,

Description of 我在大清當皇帝 100% working mod file for android

  • MOD ID: com.overseas.daqing1
  • 我在大清當皇帝 free download modded file


1. 第壹視角帝王養成系統,天子般的逼真情境感;
2. 後宮選秀宮鬥系統,真實還原帝王寵幸翻牌子的奢華生活;
3. 上書房皇子培養系統,體驗為人父母的快樂;
4. 龍鳳殿皇室聯姻系統,壹手操辦子女婚姻大事;
6. 校場廝殺,妳見過遊戲GM還會在遊戲裏和妳打群架嗎?
7. 聯盟爭霸,必須熱血,必須國戰PVP才爽;
8. 單刀赴宴,玩家超強互動大擺鴻門宴;
9. 獨創推圖系統,征服世界需要腳踏實地;

或聯系客服郵箱:[email protected]

The original Qing Emperor theme mobile game peaks, the prosperous dress, glory return!
Wang Hou will be interested in Xiang Ning? Download now and return to the Emperor of Qing Dynasty to experience the imperial horse’s career from the perspective of Dijon.
In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Central Plains split their branches, and they were worried about the problems. In addition, they were surrounded by overseas powers, and they were stunned by the Chinese soil, and the Daqing Jiangshan Society was in jeopardy…
As the saying goes, in a chaotic world, you will be a leader. Is this a hero who can’t change the world?

Game features:
1. The first perspective of the emperor to develop a system, the temperament of the emperor;
2. The harem draws the palace fighting system, which truly restores the luxurious life of the emperor’s favored flop;
3. Go to the study room prince training system to experience the happiness of parents;
4. The Dragon and Phoenix Palace royal marriage system, the hands of the children to marry the marriage;
6. The school yard is killing. Have you seen the game GM still playing in the game and playing the group?
7. Alliance hegemony must be bloody, and must be a national war PVP;
8. Single-knife feast, the player’s super interaction and big banquet;
9. Innovative mapping system, conquering the world requires down-to-earth;
10. There are still a lot of Rongda to say later in the future~

Now log in to the game, there will be 100 yuan ingot to give ~
Any problems encountered in the game can be passed through the in-game buoy ball – summoning the inside customer service – click on the top right corner of the manual service or enter “RG” to contact the inside customer service
Or contact customer service email: [email protected]

※ The content of this game involves dating friends, “game design motivates users to get married”, and is classified as a secondary level according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging


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