雲之歌  (MOD Unlimited Money)

雲之歌 (MOD Unlimited Money)

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App Name 雲之歌
Package Name com.xxshenyu.gptw
Rating ( 28542 )
Installs 100,000+

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  • MOD ID: com.xxshenyu.gptw
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【匠心巨作 大世界東方幻想】

【輕功飛行 穿雲入海九萬里】

【打破次元 跨時空逐愛之旅】

【超強戰寵 越級挑戰殺神魔】

【世界很大 自由放飛隨心玩】


*客服信箱:[email protected]

[New Class] Violent Lori “Little Red Riding Hood” is here!
The exciting new gameplay of Yanglong Temple opens simultaneously!
Log in to the game now and have a cooler and more exciting exploration!

Below the blue sky and above the Styx, there was nothingness. After hundreds of millions of years, three thousand small worlds were bred here, and on top of this, the first big thousand world-Yunge was born.
The ancestor dragon resides in the capital of the gods, and holds the power of the world. Since then, the cherry blossoms of the gods are always prosperous, and there will be no other day to die.
Ninety thousand li upwards, the sea of ​​Beiming rises into the air, the sea of ​​clouds is boundless, and Kunpeng covers the sky and the sun.
Ninety thousand li down, the sky clear sea connects the underworld and the world, but on a certain day a “gate of reincarnation” emerges in the heart of the sea…

The cultivators and warlocks of the immortal gate, the walks of the Buddha sect on the world, and the great sage of the witch king of the monster race were all induced and gathered-waiting for the door to cross the cycle of reincarnation to slowly open, and a vague figure appeared…
“Across hundreds of millions of time and space, across fantasy and reality”
“Go to a world with you”

=====Game Features=====

[Masterpiece of Ingenuity, Great World Oriental Fantasy]
Chen Yihan, the goddess of vitality, is a sweet endorsement to accompany you to explore the oriental world. The next-generation 3D full-view engine, using a lot of realistic weather, real floating leaves, romantic snow, beautiful sea of ​​clouds…extremely free world travel waiting for you to experience!

[Flying lightly, through the clouds and into the sea for ninety thousand miles]
The high-degree-of-freedom light-powered flight system can fly freely from the sky, even through clouds and into the sea. Hurry and fly over the sea of ​​clouds and travel around the world with your beloved her/him!

[Break the Dimension, Cross Time and Space, Love Journey]
Break the dimensional social system, voice secret chat, share city positioning, true love is by your side, hold hands online, and go on a journey of chasing love!

[Super battle pet, leapfrog challenge to kill the gods and demons]
Are you still worrying about playing bosses without equipment? The super battle pet system lets you bid farewell to your troubles, the unique paralysis and petrification skills make the boss immobile, the high-level boss is at your disposal, and you can easily leapfrog the challenge!

[The world is big, free to fly and play freely]
Cross-server alliance warfare, ten thousand people slaying demons, competitive soaring, hunting treasures, leisure hot springs, seaside fishing… You can choose from multiple gameplays, free to fly and play as you like. Rare equipment can also be listed on the trading house, the price is up to you!

※The management method of game software classification: counseling the fifteen-year-old.
※Part of the plot of the game involves violence, tobacco and alcohol, virtual love or marriage, only those over fifteen years old can use it.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please experience it according to your personal interests, abilities and abilities. Please pay attention to the game time and avoid being addicted to the game.

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